The Good and Bad of Reverse Osmosis

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Although reverse osmosis can be a valuable water purification process when mineral-free water is required, removing the alkaline mineral constituents of water produces an acidic water which can be very dangerous to the human body, causing calcium and other essential minerals to be stripped from bones and teeth. For more information….

Saltwater Cure for Common Cold?

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A nasal spray made from seawater eased winter cold symptoms faster and slowed cough and cold symptoms from returning among children ages 6 to 10, researchers in Europe have reported. The study published in the January, was paid for by the makers of Physiomer, the seawater nasal spray used in the investigation and was published […]

Is Purified Water Bad for You?

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Purified water contains no dissolved minerals and can therefore absorb toxic substances from the body and eliminate them. But studies show that drinking this water is only safe for short periods of time. Carbon dioxide from the air for instance is rapidly absorbed leaving the water acidic and even more aggressive. The most toxic commercial […]

Mineral Water as a Calcium Source?

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According to recent research carried out on 600 men and women with a particular well-known brand of French Mineral Water, our bodies can get an extra 300 milligrams a day of calcium. To check the mineral content of your favorite water visit and click on “Bottlers”. Source: BNET UK

Problems with Hard Water

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Hard Water is high in dissolved minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium which is not a health risk, but is a problem because it can cause mineral build-up in water pipes and heating systems. But there are solutions to the problems. Choosing a correct laundry detergent, reducing your boiler temperature, use of water conditioners, water softeners […]

Drugs in our Tap (Faucet) Water?

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The UK’s drinking water supplies are being tested for the presence of prescription drugs amid fears that rivers are being contaminated by pharmaceuticals being flushed unwittingly down the drain. Not only are the rivers being tested but they will also test the tap water after it has been through the water-treatment cycle. A number of […]

Indigestion and Constipation Relief from Carbonated Water

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According to a recent study Carbonated water eases the symptoms of indigestion and constipation. Antacid medications are the primary treatments for indigestion but can cause problems with the digestion and absorption of nutrients, and potentially an increased risk of stomach cancer. Constipation is normally treated by increased water and fiber intake with laxative medications also […]

Positive News for Recycling Plastic Bottles

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The PET plastic bottled water containers are now the most recycled item in nationwide curbside programs – recycled at a record rate of 23.4% – a 16.4% increase on 2006’s recycling rate of 20.1%. The National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR) completed a major bale study last year in 15 locations in 14 states. […]

Is Your Health at Risk from Water Coolers?

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Consumer Focus Scotland said 23 out of 87 samples from water cooler dispensers in Edinburgh and the Lothian and Borders region showed bacterial contamination. Coolers in leisure centres, offices, care homes and schools were among those to fail the tests because of bacterial contamination with the potential to cause illness. In 14 samples, scientists found […]

Consumer Concerns Over BPA Water Bottles

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Two more studies linking BPA (bisphenol A) as used in hard plastic baby bottles, food containers and the durable water bottles popular among students, hikers and sports enthusiasts have emerged, linking the chemical to harmful and potentially deadly side effects, adding to already to heightened consumer concerns. High risk of heart disease in women, breast […]

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