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July 20, 2009

Drinking Water Bottles – the good, the bad and the ugly!

If you want to retain a healthy lifestyle and look after your environment then you need to choose the right drinking water bottle carefully. Whether you’re looking at storing water in the fridge for consumption indoors or for outdoors use while hiking, cycling or exercising etc there are a huge amount of design options and types to choose from which even include some with built in and reusable filters. From the cheap single use bottles that you buy your bottled water in at the shops, to the very best aluminium and stainless steel reusable options, the choice is vast.

The plastic bottles made from PET that we buy our water in from shops are the worst for repeated use as they have been proven to leach dangerous chemicals including carcinogens into the water in addition to promoting bacteria.

Bottles made from thermoplastic polymers or polycarbonates are popular reusable bottles that are seen everywhere in schools, fitness clubs, gyms etc, but are also guilty of leaching cancer causing BPA. Some research points to increased amounts of BPA being released when the bottles are warmed as when feeding babies. Yes, polycarbonate is also used for baby bottles! Scary!!

At the top end of the scale we have aluminium and stainless steel bottles. Unfortunately, a good deal of the aluminium bottles have plastic liners which could still cause problems although the latest liners are made from ‘friendly resins’.

The best water bottles by far in our opinion are the stainless steel variety. This material is safe to drink from, does not leach anything into the liquid it stores and is pretty indestructable and so will last and last. Because these containers do not leach any chemical into your drink, the drink tastes better and a lot would say, stays cooler longer. A lot of the top bottles are available with accessories such as carry-cases or straps for securing the bottle to your belt or over your shoulder, especially useful for sport and outdoor use. Obviously with the more expensive water bottles you can also expect to receive a guarantee of quality which should be important to those who are serious about using their bottles over and over, promoting health through proper hydration.

There are a huge number of manufacturers to consider, offering a wide range of product including brand names like Nalgene, Sigg and Kleen Kanteen to name but a few, and so there is plenty of choice at all levels of price with color and style to suit everyone’s taste.

Having decided on a healthy and environmentally friendly, reusable water bottle, one of the most important things to remember is to keep it clean! Water kept in any vessel for any length of time that has been exposed to the air will promote some pretty nasty bacteria. Keep them clean. Buying a dishwater safe water bottle is the best bet as dishwashers tend to operate at very high temperatures and can effectively steralize your bottle.

Live a healthy life and choose the right type of drinking water bottle! They make a great eco-friendly and healthy gift too.

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