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Does the process of distillation make this water unsuitable for us to drink?

By boiling water we create steam which when condensed, forms purified or distilled water where the contaminants and impurities are all but completely removed. Calcium, iron and other dissolved minerals and bacteria which are heavier than the water molecules are removed during the process which creates near pure H2O – molecules of hydrogen x 2 and oxygen x 1. This contaminant-free (deionized as opposed to ionized) water contains no dissolved impurities, gas or organic mineral or otherwise and should have a pH of 7. One down side of water produced by distillers is that it is devoid of taste and bland as all of the flavor giving minerals are absent. Still, this can obviously be altered by adding flavorings in the form of cordials or other fruit juices etc.

While distilled water is certainly safe for us to drink, it is more commonly used in science laboratories or in industry where the purest water is required for untainted results. Opinion is divided on whether it is healthier for us to drink distilled water or the more usual bottled mineral, spring or tap water. The main argument revolves around minerals. If water contains no minerals then the belief is that the water itself leaches these valuable elements and ions from our bodies. On the other hand the lack of minerals could be seen to flush excess impurities and minerals from our system.

Sodium fluoride is another major arguing point as distilled water is devoid of this element. Some believe that this can cause dental problems, others say that our bodies need no additional fluoride. The arguments rage.

If carbon dioxide is absorbed by distilled water when it is exposed to the atmosphere as some research suggests, then the water could invariably become more acidic with a lower pH level which in turn would be harmful and unhealthy for our bodies. What those who champion distilled water say is that we gain more minerals, nutrients and other valuable elements from our food, and therefore the effects of drinking a water without them should have no detrimental effect.

Just like spring, mineral and other purified waters, distilled water can normally be bought by the bottle at our local supermarkets and its consumption is quite widespread. Due to the purity of distilled water with a lack of contaminant elements and other chemical impurities, a lot of our major manufacturers use it as a base for their soft drinks and beverages.

Can we create our own Distilled Water?

Sure. The distiller equipment to produce distilled water is common and widely used by many households and is on the increase. Common water filtration products tend not to be able to filter anywhere near all of the thousands of chemicals, impurities and contaminants from our municipal water supply which is where distillation scores by eradicating the vast majority.

The process can also be used on sea and salt water in areas where there is insufficient fresh water to survive such as in arid coastal areas and on-board ships. Nuclear powered vessels also require huge amounts of coolant for their processes and distilling salt water is the ideal solution.

The process of producing distilled water can have prohibitive costs attached and another solution which is more cost effective may be reverse osmosis which we talk about elsewhere in the site.

So should we drink Distilled Water?

So long as we are sensible about it and do not forget about the value that mineral intake has on the health and well being of our bodies then yes, why not. Everything in moderation. Certain health needs will require an amount of distilled water as certain others will require an abundance of added minerals. Doctors and physicians are the best judge ultimately. It should not be forgotten that research has shown that by consuming mineral laden water, we are creating favorable cardiovascular effects which is obviously beneficial to our well-being.

Lots of people use distilled water as part of an internal cleansing, in just the same way that others abstain from drinking alcohol for a month or eating no carbohydrates etc etc.

Everything in moderation.