Scientists Extract Drinking Water From Air

June 10, 2009 by  
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The air contains water, and research scientists have found a way of ‘distilling‘ drinking water from air humidity. The system is based completely on renewable energy and is therefore autonomous.

Even in the deserts where cracks permeate the dried-out ground, where there are no lakes, rivers or groundwater, considerable quantities of water are stored in the air. For example, in a desert where annual average relative air humidity is 64 percent, in every cubic meter of air there are 11.5 millilitres of water.

Research scientists have found a way of converting air humidity into drinkable water. “The process we have developed is based exclusively on renewable energy sources such as thermal solar collectors and photovoltaic cells, which makes this method completely energy-autonomous. It will therefore function in regions where there is no electrical infrastructure,” says Siegfried Egner, head of department at the IGB.

The concept is suitable for various sizes of installation, from single-person units to plants supplying water to entire hotels.

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